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Join over 5,860 other homes around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide that use our Residential Window Cleaning Service and now have sparkling clean windows to be proud of!

Some homeowner’s windows were so dirty they forgot they had neighbours! Meaning, NO job is TOO tough for HiRange residential window cleaners

Try our 2- minute online quoting system that acts as a window cleaning cost calculator. No need to count all your windows if you are looking for house window cleaning, where we GUARANTEE a FIXED window cleaning price with no hidden costs.


Other glimmering reasons why you’ll be THANKFUL you choose HiRange for your Domestic Window Cleaning

  • We love mother nature that’s why we only use environmentally friendly and allergy free materials with PURIFIED water (so no streaks or risk of allergic reactions for chemically sensitive folk)
  • We ONLY hire qualified staff and professional window cleaners who have EXCELLENT people skills! (We turn away the rude and disrespectful tradies who only communicate by grunting)