What is Window Cleaning?

Window Cleaning is the procedure of washing or cleaning glass windows and surfaces to remove dust, dirt and other substances.

For best results, this process should be performed by applying a detergent to the glass with an Applicator and then removing the detergent and drying the glass with a Squeegee.

In recent times, Waterfed Poles (see right) have been introduced to the market and offer a highly effective way of cleaning external glass surfaces particular those above ground level.  We will cover the different cleaning methods in later posts.

A person performing this work is called a Window Cleaner.

What are the different types of window cleaning services?

Residential Window Cleaning – focuses on homes and dwellings.  Some examples of properties that fall into the Residential category include:

  • Villas;
  • Bungalows;
  • Houses;
  • Units;
  • Flats and;
  • Townhouses.

Commercial Window Cleaning – Focuses on properties that are places of  business, for example:

  • Shops/stores/boutiques;
  • Offices;
  • Schools;
  • Apartment Blocks;
  • Aged Care Facilities.

What are the necessary tools needed to clean your Windows?

There are many tools that can be used depending on the state of the windows, the height of the windows above ground level, and any accessibility challenges that may be faced.  Typically a Professional Window Cleaner will carry with them:

  • Microfiber cloth – used for detail cleaning especially removing little marks and dribbles;
  • Steel Wool or Scouring Pads – to remove stubborn marks;
  • Scrapers – to remove REALLY stubborn marks;
  • Cleaning buckets with water mixed with an effective window cleaning detergent;
  • Applicator – used to dunk in the water and apply the detergent mix to the glass;
  • Squeegee – Use to remove and dry the detergent mix from the windows;
  • Ladder – used to gain access to windows that are not reachable from the ground;
hirange-window-cleaner-using-a-ladder commercial window cleaning in melbourne using waterfed pole
  • Scissor Lift – Another way to access and clean high windows. It can carry at least two window cleaner simultaneously and it can reach up to 40 feet(see picture below).

There are two types of scissor lifts, one powered by diesel and the other one is powered by electricity.



Window cleaning is considered one of the toughest jobs in the world because of the risks that are involved and the type of working field.

The amount of work would vary each year depending on the season. Since window cleaning during winter has different approach compared to other season.

Only few would dare to clean high rise properties especially Skyscrapers that are more than 50 stories high.

With the help of modern tools and equipment, and improved Safety standards, cleaning windows is not as hard or dangerous as before.  The industry is also mature and stable, and provides thousands of part time, full time and casual jobs to men and women across the country.

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