How we delivered sparkling results to the Clarendon Shopping Centre – The HiRange Way!

Ever wondered how shopping centres keep their interior and exterior glass looking so spick and span? We’ll let you in on a little secret: YOU can access the very same high quality window cleaning services at your own residence or commercial property! How? With HiRange Window Cleaning, of course.

At HiRange, we recently cleaned the windows at The Clarendon Shopping Centre. That’s an entire South Melbourne shopping centre, featuring, of course, hundreds of windows throughout, an enormous glass atrium above the Food Court as well as many high profile retailers (including a Coles supermarket, and Triple M and Fox FM Radio Stations).

The clarendon Centre South Melbourne

The HiRange Difference: Meeting the unique needs of our clients, every time.

We hadn’t worked with this client before, however we pride ourselves on being able to customise each job to the specific needs of the client and deliver sparkling results every time and this was no different. When The Clarendon Centre contacted HiRange to enquire about our service, they were looking for a window cleaning service that could:

  • Clean the hundreds of windows throughout the shopping centre to a high standard.
  • Complete key areas in and around the Food Court and Main Entrance between 12:00am and 6:30am so as not to disrupt the day to day business activities of the centre.
  • Complete the entire project promptly in a short period of time and provide competitive window cleaning Melbourne price and rates.

After completing a walk through of the property with the client and listening to their specific needs, we put a service proposal together that catered for the exact, unique requirements of the centre. The Centre accepted our proposal and we were on our way!


What Our Clients Love About HiRange Window Cleaning

As with every job we complete, we worked to the specific times preferred by the client, we completed the work in consecutive days and The Clarendon Centre was impressed by our structured window cleaning process that included a crucial Quality Assurance step at the end.

Our client was impressed with our work ethic, professionalism and ability to just “get on with the job of producing high quality window cleaning”. The job was a success and one that we are proud of.

When you need your next window cleaning service, The HiRange Difference ensures you’ll get top quality, professional service that caters to YOUR needs every time.

Whether for your home or a commercial space, HiRange’s pristine reputation gives you crystal clear confidence in our affordable, reliable services at every step of the way.

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