INFOGRAPHIC: Professional Window Cleaning Vs Do It Yourself Method


There are a lot of differences when it comes to professional window cleaning vs do it yourself method. And the infographic above illustrates the different and comparison between both were in it will help you decide why you need to hire professional window cleaners or just settle for the DIY methods.

1.) You will purchase all the equipment’s Vs Pros will provide the supplies and tools

DIY: You will need to purchase the different cleaning equipment’s, tools and supplies before you can start to clean your windows. And you will rarely use these equipment’ so it’s better to store them safely so that they will be used later on.

Pro: Professional window cleaners are equipped with the best tools and supplies.


2.) Not Sure What Window Cleaning Solution to Use Vs Experts Can Provide The Best Window Cleaning Solution

DIY: Not certain what window cleaning solution and chemicals to use especially on different window types.

PRO: Experts would use and provide the most effective and eco-friendly products .


3.) Tight Schedule Vs Flexible Booking Schedule

DIY: Finding the best time is difficult especially if you are always busy.

PRO: Professional window cleaning company’s would let you choose the most convenient available schedule.


4.) Too Hot Outside Vs Strategic Window Cleaning

DIY: Overexposure to direct sunlight can cause sunburn while cleaning your windows.

TIP: start early and use a sunblock.

PRO: Experts would strategically clean your property with extra precautions while dealing with humidity, temperature, condensation and other elements.


5.) You Can’t Do It On Your Own Vs Experts Work On Teams

DIY: You will require help and assistance from time to time especially on those hard to clean areas.

TIP: you can ask help from relatives and friends.

PRO: A team is assigned on a certain property to help and assist each other depending on how huge the job.


6.) It’s Time Consuming vs Pros Have Quick Turn Around Time

DIY: A slow progress is expected since you are working on your own.

PRO: Experts are trained to finish the job quickly without compromising the overall quality and output.


7.) Too Risky Vs Leave The Risk To The Experts

DIY: The higher the windows the more risk and danger is involved.

TIP: Use a ladder to reach those high windows.

PRO: Rest assure that you are safe with both feet on the ground while the experts do the cleaning for you.


8.) You Will Miss Some Areas Vs Experts Are Keen To Details

DIY: There is a huge tendency that you will miss some areas and corners.

PRO: Experts are keen to details with regards to detailing and would never miss, skip and cut corners.


9.) Not So Good Results Vs Cleaning Is Done One Time

DIY: You will just be disappointed of the result after seeing streaks. Since cleaning windows requires skills and techniques.

PRO: one of the main goals is to “CLEAN RIGHT THE FIRST TIME OR WE DO IT AGAIN” in order to save both time and energy.


10.) Privacy vs Experts Respect Privacy

DIY: It would be awkward to have people coming in and out of your property. So Cleaning the windows on your own would be the best or great idea.

PRO: Window cleaners would need accessibility in order to clean the entire property properly and effectively.

TIP: Instruct The crews what areas are off limits.


11.) Tiring And Stressful Vs You Deserve A Rest

DIY: Window cleaning can be stressful and tiring especially on the different working conditions.

TIP: Treat window cleaning as your alternative exercise to release stress.

PRO: Take your day off or go on a vacation and let the experts deal with all the stress for you.

TIP: Some window cleaning company would voluntarily offer extra service without additional charges such as arranging the interior things, plants etc.


12.) You Are Liable To Yourself Vs Fully Insured

DIY: When you break something or something went wrong then you are liable to it

PRO: Professional window cleaners are certified and insured giving you a peace of mind.

TIP: You can report and ask for compensation to the company to cover up with the certain incident


13.) You Have Full Control Vs Quick Turn Around Time

DIY: You have the total freedom to clean as much as you want and finish whenever you like

PRO: Experts are following a strict working schedule to attend to other customers so they need to get the job done quickly while maintaining the quality to meet the expectation of the owner.


14.)  Cost Efficient Vs Reasonable Price Rates

DIY: If you are currently on a tight budget then you can always clean your windows and go for the DIY Method.

PRO: A good and reliable professional window cleaning company can provide a reasonable and justifiable price with no hidden fees.


15.) You Know Your Windows Vs Provide Expert Solutions

DIY: You know which part have the most dirt. What area of the property needs more detailed cleaning

PRO: Professional window cleaners can identify the level of dirt and would come up with the best methods to properly clean your windows.

TIP: Experts can also spot potential window problems and will notify you regarding a certain issue.


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